Become an Early Adopter

Become an Early Adopter and help us build our community. EA's are a small group of primes, subs and suppliers who will test our system, provide feed back and help us ensure that BC2Match meets your needs.

As an Early Adopter, you will have up to 5 seats free of charge and will enjoy preferred membership pricing when you join BC2Match at the end of 90 days.









  • Full Gold Membership Benefits
  • Up to 5 seats "free of charge" during our 90-day Early Adopters Program
  • Preferred membership rates of $199 per year for your first seat and $75 per year for additional seats
  • Prices guaranteed for 2 years









  • Each Member manages its own profile
  • Full Membership Search Capabilities
  • Matching Capabilities to Contractors and Opportunities
  • Member can View all Dashboard Matches
  • Member can Post Procurement Opportunities
  • Member can Search other member Profiles
  • Members can Search full FED/SLED Contracting Opportunities








  • Be searchable by Gold Members
  • Manage your profile to maximize visibility
  • See the NAICS, Certs, and Agencies on which you match


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